For the first time in the Sri Lankan shipping industry a private enterprise is set to launch a feeder service linking Sri Lanka with India and Myanmar.
The mentor behind this project, Herbie De Silva said that he saw that Sri Lanka is losing considerable amount of transshipment cargo destined to Middle East Europe, Africa US East Coast and Europe due to non availability of dedicated feeder connecting Yangon-Colombo.
Presently there are approximately 42 vessels operating between Singapore/port Klang to Yangon
Herbilan Shipping Pvt. Ltd, will be the pioneers to commence this services targeting the peak season of Myanmar exports. The total investment for the project would be US$ 4.5 million and the parent company would make the investment.
“We are going to help Port Of Colombo to Increase the Transshipment cargo volume,” he said.

Ivan De Almeida and Herbie De Silva in Colombo
Picture by Saliya Rupasinghe
He said that in addition to saving to the country the service would also open up a untapped market in Myanmar thus enabling Sri Lankans to look at trading opportunities in growing Myanmar. “Myanmar also offers some of the world’s best grains and Sri Lankan enterprises could look at this segment as well.”
The company has already finalized the charter of a vessel and would be renaming as M V HERBILAN SUCCESS for this operation. The vessel has a capacity of 1,158 TEU’s and would sail with 16 crew members on their 14 day journey linking the round trip. The vessel could also accommodate Reefer Cargo as Myanmar export more reefer cargo.
This service will commence effective from September 1, 2015.
“We would set sail from Colombo to Vizag India pick up transshipment cargo (Kolkata Nagpur, Raipur, Gunthur) and then sail to Yangon.
He said that in two months time they would make this a weekly fixed day schedule service.
He said that he left Colombo over 23 years ago to China for studies and then started up business with another Chinese partner who owns one of the biggest constructing companies in China.
“The Chinese company is also eagerly looking at opportunities in Sri Lanka in the construction field.” He said that they obtained Board of Investment approval for this operation. Meanwhile Ivan De Almeida, Chief Executive Officer thanked BOI Chairman, Upul Jayasuriya for personally, talking to some of the BOI officials and clearing unwanted and uncalled for ‘red tape’ which at times was very discouraging. “These issues could have being cleared in a few hours but some BOI officials took time.”
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